About Us

M3 (Metro Mens Mondays) is an organization dedicated to discipling men in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The method we use for growth and discipleship is memorization of the Word.

Since the Word is the sword and one can not bind a sword to one’s person, but only a scabbard. Your memory is your scabbard and when you put things, other than the sword in the scabbard, then there is no room for the sword.  Some say they cannot memorize, but when you consider John 14:26, it’s “The Teacher” that “brings to rememberence, so it’s his memory, not yours.  Also when we consider 2 Cor 10:5 and 1 Cor 2:15 we both have the “Mind of Christ” and have the ability to “Take every thought captive”, so anything Jesus would not let into his mind, we must also reject; for “as a man thinketh so is he”!

We therefore purpose to learn and memorize the scripture, as a priority, so we do not allow our memory to be clogged and filled with things that are not the SWORD nor would not meet the approval of our Lord and Master.

We welcome you to start your own chapter and list it here on our site. If you do please send us the information on your chapter and look at, agree to, and follow the chapter rules as set forth here under our “Organizational Rules” tab.

Thank You!
Yours in Christ



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