There are 3 major resource groupings:

  1. Significant Topics
  2. Essentials
  3. Transcriptions

Significant Topics

As part of the resources offerings, we have highlighted and posted the most significant topics here under the “Significant Topics” menu item.  


There are Essentials of The Christian Faith, that a believer must know. If you are a new believer, or have not been taught these essentials, please bookmark these resources and study often and well so you can become that powerful person of the Word your heart desires you to be.


We do audio PodCasts with Pastor Ken Freeman.  The audio recordings are available at:

The transcriptions of those audios will be listed in this “Transcriptions” section.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional links and resources to help you with various needs and information listed by the categories below:

Resources & Links

Name Description Link
DurWood Durwood Chronicles information site, with writings. DurWood
Fathers Hands Official site Fathers Hands Minsitry International. FHMI
Forum WP Forum: enter problems & get help. Forum
Learn WP Learn WordPress and how easy to use it is. Learn
My America Site for lovers of America, Vets & other Patriots. My America
Support WP Support site for assistant direct from WP. Support
Spiritual Side Spiritual comments & writing of OldManRiver. Spirit Side
Tech Blog TBotNik & OldManRiver Technology Blog. Tech Blog
WP News WP News site for latest news direct from WP. News

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